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"Расколотая Дева"
Здесь каждый может побеседовать с друзьями и другими посетителями таверны за кружечкой прохладной медовухи ;-)

Мы Вконтакте!

Нас уже 30 000. Добавляйся!

Adventures of Reinhard Pollice (Megalomaniac) in Moscow

I’ve find out that Reinhard was visiting Moscow accidentally. Without hesitation I offered him to meet each other and have a talk with representatives of Russian Gothic Community. We agreed about meeting in the evening of 29th March. 2 days later, in an early morning I took the train to Moscow.

Moscow. Last preparations.

At noon I met our team in Moscow - Denis “de}{ter” and Dmitry. Without losing a minute, we began a discussion about Reinhard, his visit, and a place where we could chat quietly.


Denis reviewed questions written by me and bdeimos.


We agreed to meet our foreign guest on Red Square, in the center of our capital.



At 2PM we went to the rendezvous point.


Meeting with Reinhard.

It turned out, he had examined Kremlin since morning. And he was pleased by this sight of Moscow. He complained that the access to the additional museums and apartments was expensive - 300 rubles. Reinhard also said that he have squandered 8 thousands in our currency.

Denis reported Reinhard that it was also my first time on Red Square. After the reproachful look of Mega Denis had to explain that I’m not from Moscow, and I covered 300 km only to meet him.

By the way, when we went out from Red Square and walked farther, Reinhard was very surprised, seeing only foreign cars on the roads of Moscow, many of them - quite expensive.

We had to explain to him, that this was the center of city, and of course there were no LADA’s there.

No McDonalds!

Reinhard said that he was very hungry. McDonalds was the closest place, but Mega didn’t like the idea. He was looking forward to some classic Russian dishes (like borsch) and we decided go toa pub.

No subway – very noisy © Reinhard

To visit the pub, we needed to travel through the pair of stations at a subway. But Mega was against that idea:

- Noisy, - he said - very much,I don’t like, when it’s so.

We had to use our persuasion skills. Mega’s sense of hunger helped us to obtain a result.

On the way to the pub.

To our great surprise Mega was interested not only in our work for fan-sites, but also asked us about our lives, where we work, study and how old are we.

So we overcame the fear of noise and successfully coped with metro test. Of course, it would be silly not to ask our guest what he was thinking about our metro. And he said:

- It is the most beautiful metro I’ve ever seen. Stations are done with all heart– it is obvious.

It’s great, dammit!

While we were going to a needed station, we were talking about how many days Mega would be in the capital of Russia and about the main theme – the future of the game. On a phrase "we would like to talk not only about the game, but also about a life", Reinhard upset and said that his life is heavy and hasn’t much to look at, in general... Well, yeah. Probably, he is too modest.

In the pub.

In the pub, we have found a cozy place for conversation, and also took a mug of foamy beer, we started talking about the most acute theme … about beer :). It was interesting to find out that our beer, according to Reinhard’s words, is not worse than Austrian beer, and that "Baltic №7" that he has bought earlier in a supermarket was also nice. It is a pity that he did not tell us specific differences between German and our beer - they differ, - he said, - by taste, but I cannot tell more particularly. It's not bitterer or so. Simply, they are absolutely different.

After the first mug of beer, Reinhard has told us that it was the right time to eat. We helped him with a dish choice. He chose the big portion of a pork shish kebab. While we were waiting for the order, we decided to talk about the most important thing for us – about the game.

Talking about Arcania.

During an hour or an hour and a half, we were talking about the game and everything connected to it, sometimes diluting conversation with general themes. We will publish this conversation about the game on our site a bit later, because it will take time by Reinhard to check the facts, which are not supposed to be published at the right moment.


In general, I feel, that Reinhard liked his trip: beer was tasty, and metro was beautiful, and the Kremlin was great. And he pronounced almost without accent "spasibo", "pozhalusta":

- I have no time to learn the language properly, - he said. - But these words I know.

We have talked about other languages: how much Austrian and German are alike, and how Denis and Reinhard studied English. Situations were, actually, similar: base at school, and further - talks with foreigners.

It's a pity that we did not manage to meet in the evening to continue our conversation - his Moscow friends arranged a "private party", that’s why he was occupied.

Well, Reinhard, we will wait for you again, we also promise to arrange a solemnl "party" - we hope that we'll surpass your friends.

Author: Deart
Translation: Sonnedres, bdeimos, Ai Rin

Дата публикации: 2010-04-03 19:44:27
Просмотров: 7665

[ Назад ]
Карточка игры
Arcania: Gothic 4
Готика 4: Аркания
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Издатель: JoWooD
У нас:
на PC: Акелла
на Xbox: Новый Диск
Жанр: Action RPG
Дата выхода:
Европа/США - 09.10.2010
Россия: 12.10.2010г.
Бюджет игры:
6 000 000 евро
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